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Can be used for healing woundsand burns. Let us see how to make it !

First is to identify the plant and cutting flowers. It is a plant that can be easily stand out when blooming.

spathoxorto2 Φτιάξε Σπαθόλαδο

Take a photo in detail my tiny dark dots.

spathoxorto3 Φτιάξε Σπαθόλαδο

These spots contain essential oils and color you paint your hands as you collect flowers. I wonder if in another time and used them as a natural dye fabrics. The only sure thing is that they offer a deep red color in oil.

spathoxorto xroma Φτιάξε Σπαθόλαδο

Αφού ξεχωρίσουμε τα λουλούδια του σπαθόχορτου τα βάζουμε μέσα σε ένα γυάλινο βάζο.

spathoxorto louloudia Φτιάξε Σπαθόλαδο

Then fill the jar with our olive oil to cover as much as our flowers.

spathoxorto kai ladi Φτιάξε Σπαθόλαδο

We close our jar with a lid and place in the sun for 30-40 days. The oil in the jar will start to change color within the first 48 hours and turns from green to deep red.

When you spend the days strain the contents of the jar to remove the flowers from crimson spatholado.

spatholado Φτιάξε Σπαθόλαδο

You can put in small bottles spatholado and the gift to your loved ones for a time of need. Be sure you will appreciate it when you need to use it.Read from Author here